My “Successful Dating Online Coaching Program” is there to help you find the (new) love of your life as quickly and easily as possible.

The coaching program will support you for up to a year. I hope that you will be successful before this – and most people are.

Roughly speaking, the first three months of the program have the goal of finding out who would be a good partner for you, setting up your online dating profile, writing your first emails, and getting you out on your first date. During this time, we aim to talk every week. (Life happens. Every week may not be possible.)

Even though we will be making sure that you are dating women who are a good fit for you, you will probably need to meet several women before you meet the right woman for you.

So, once you have started dating, we will carry on with the coaching. Ideally, this will just be a short call every two to four weeks where you can share your successes. But, if you have any questions, or something is not working well for you, I will be there to answer any questions that you have and make sure you stay on track.

Successful Dating Online Coaching Program

Everyone is different and has different needs. The coaching program will be tailored to fit your circumstances. The main steps that we will go through are likely to include:

DiscoveryWho are you?
Who am I?
How can I help you?
Prep IWho are you looking for?
Identify your strengths.
Online Dating ProfileSelect the right website for you.
Setting up your profile.
Talk to women you have never met beforeBecome clearer about what you find attractive in women.
Learn to be comfortable talking to women you have never met.
Practice light conversation
Writing to womenSpotting fake profiles.
Writing Emails to get replies.
When to move from Email to WhatsApp/Telephone/a first Date
Prep IIYour clothes
Your car
Your home
First dateThe goal of a first date
Where to go
Length of the date
Good and bad topics for discussion
Where to sit
What to do with your other contacts
After your date
Follow-up datesLearn to know each other dates
Romantic dates
Decision timeYour new permanent partner or letting her go

Online Coaching

I use video conferencing for delivering the successful dating online coaching program. This is a practical solution that lets me get a personal impression of you as well as see any online content that we need to talk about.

You will be speaking to me personally, not a coach that I have trained. This means that places are limited, as I can only coach a maximum of 30 men a year and maintain the 2ork-life balance that I wish to achieve.

While I am willing to be slightly flexible about the age range, please accept that men in the age range 30-50 are the men that I am best able to help.

Coaching is delivered in English only from Germany.


Entry into the successful dating online coaching program costs 5,800 USD or your local equivalent.

Fed up with being single?

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