Writing Your Successful Online Dating Profile Headline

Think about how you read a newspaper, magazine, or news feeds from the internet. Normally, you scan the headlines. If the headline sounds interesting then you read the story. If the headline is not interesting then you will skip the story.

Newspaper headlines
Newspaper headlines

Think also about how you scan photos. You may well linger over the photo, but just a photo is rarely enough to make you want to read the story. A photo with a good headline will probably get you interested enough to read the story. It is just the same when someone reads an online dating profile. If the headline is interesting, then people will want to read more. If the headline is not interesting, then they will just move on to the next profile…

Or, to quote David Ogilvy, one of the all time masters of advertising:

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.
– David Ogilvy

This means that a lot of women will decide whether or not they want to read your profile based on your dating profile headline.

Where to Use a Profile Headline

Almost all dating websites have an overview page where the reader can look at a list of people that they might be interested in. Almost all websites include a picture and the person’s user name in this list. Some websites also show a short text next to the user name. If the website you are using does this, then consider this text to be your headline.

Headline in the list view of selected profiles
Examples of headlines in the list view of selected profiles

For websites that only show a picture and a user name in the list view, then your headline is the first sentence of free form text that is visible in your profile.

Headline in the body of your online dating profile
Example of a headline in your online dating profile

To be most effective, your headline should be a single sentence. The text about you should start in the next paragraph underneath it. If you have the chance to highlight the headline (bold text, underlined text, etc.) then use it.

Formatting a Headline

A headline with all the most important words capitalized will attract more attention than one that doesn’t.


  • Headlines work best when all the important words are capitalized
  • Headlines Work Best When All the Important Words are Capitalized

A headline which is in quotes is more likely to be effective. Studies show that headlines in quotes are between 25% and 30% more likely to be effective than ones without. So use quote marks if the headline could easily be thought of as something which you are saying to the woman who is reading it.


  • Headlines Work Best When All the Text Is Enclosed in Quotes
  • “Headlines Work Best When All the Text Is Enclosed in Quotes”

What Makes a Good Headline?

Imagine that you are the woman who is reading your headline. What is she going to be interested in? Is she interested in forming a family? Is she interested in casual dating? Is she likely to be interested in travel or unusual places to visit? Is she likely to share your hobbies?

Look at the notes that you made about yourself. What is most likely to catch her interest? Build your headline about that one thing.

With that in mind, here are some different types of headline that might help you to build an interesting headline:

Delivering a specific return:

Let her know that she will get a definite return on reading your dating profile. Listing a specific number of items that you will provide will attract attention. Sharing a secret will attract attention. Providing How-To advice will attract attention.

  • “3 Things I Have NEVER Shared With Anyone Before…”
  • “I Have a SECRET and It Involves Black and White Movies”
  • “The Best Way to Win a Sexy Guy Is …”

If your profile delivers on the promise of the headline and is well written, then you are on course for a date…

Create Curiosity

Women are like cats. They have a great deal of curiosity. If you can use your headline to create curiosity then you are on to a winner. Here are some examples:

  • “Why Men Cannot Talk About Shoes. This Is What I Think”
  • “Why Do Women Always Feel Cold? Here Is My Theory…”
  • “Send a Text Message or Call? This Is My Take on It…”

Men and women view humour differently. When women hear laughter they instinctively think of babies. When men hear laughter they instinctively think of sex.

That does NOT mean that women do not enjoy a good laugh. Indeed, they typically smile about twice as often as men do. Just be cautious about your humour. Used well, it can be very effective. Used badly, you can end up with pie on your face. Here are some examples:

  • “We’ll Just Lie and Say We Met When Our Shopping Carts Bumped…”
  • “I Hold a Black Belt in Origami. BEWARE!”
  • “The Worst Thing about You and Me Is that We Haven’t Met Yet.”

Take care not to sound desperate!

Headline Success

Since the headline of your text can be changed quite easily, feel free to review and improve it. It would be a good idea to keep track of the headlines that you have used and how successful that they were. With a little time and effort you can greatly improve your success at online dating with a good headline in your online dating profile.