Describe Yourself

We have already looked at the type of woman that you would like to be dating. The next step is to get her interested in you. Your key here is your online dating profile. In the profile you will need to describe yourself in a way that makes the woman that you want, want you.

So often, I have heard, “But there is nothing special about me.” Not true.

What Makes You Special?

Every single one of us is unique: we all look different; we all have different strengths and weaknesses; we have all had unique experiences; we have different hobbies and interests; we like different food and have different clothing styles. Because each of us is unique, we each have something unique and special to offer women.

First of all start off by brainstorming* about all the things that you like to spend your time doing: Your kids, hobbies, interests, groups that you are involved in, etc. We will put them together later.

If you are not geWho are you? Describe yourself...!tting very far, there are some questions and ideas below to help get you going.

Do not stick solely to the list below to get some ideas to describe yourself. This is a very general list. Include any other ideas that occur to you to help describe yourself. You will use the answers to these questions later when you come to write your online profile. Do not worry if it looks as though you suddenly have too much information to include in your profile. It is far better to have too much to say and then cut it down to the available space than to have an almost empty profile …!

  • How do you like to spend your vacation?
    • Renovating the house, walking in the mountains, fishing, lying on the beach in the sun, going scuba-diving?
  • What kinds of films and books interest you?
    • Do you enjoy action films, science fiction books, romance novels, comedy series, non-fiction books, or magazines and newspapers?
    • What would be your all time favorite books or films?
  • Do you have any sports or other kind of physical activity which you like to do regularly?
  • Are you artistic in any way?
    • Do you write, paint, create your own furniture, sing, take part in theater?
  • What makes you laugh?
    • Are there particular people or friends who you find funny?
    • What comedies do you enjoy?
    • What is the funniest film that you saw?
    • What made you laugh last week?
  • What things annoy you?
    • People who put the milk carton back in the fridge when there are only 3 drops left in the packet?
    • People who do not take off their shoes and track mud all over the carpet?
    • People who are wide awake at 6 am and want to talk before you have had your first coffee?
  • How important is your style of dress to you?
    • How do you like to dress? (Formal, casual, latest fashion, purely your own style, or some mix of the above?)
  • What are your favorite types of food?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • What groups do you belong to?
    • Why are these groups important to you?

By now, you should have quite a lot of material which you can use to describe yourself. You will use this later to create an online profile which can be used to give the reader (the woman who is interested in you) a good impression of the type of person that you are.


Brainstorming is a technique which is used to generate ideas. It is normally involves two or three rounds using a group of people, but it can also easily be used by a person on their own as well.

You simply sit down somewhere where you can concentrate easily with a pen and paper and think about the topic that you want to brainstorm about. Note all your ideas onto the piece of paper.

Important! Do not judge any of the ideas at this stage. A bad or silly idea can easily be the stepping stone to a good idea.

After you run out of ideas, take a short break. Then review your notes and see if they lead to any new ideas. If they do, then note those ideas as well. Repeat for another round if you feel that this will help.

Then you can start to look at your ideas. Look at bad or silly ideas (particularly silly ones) and see if there is something there which could be developed into a good idea.

Once you have done that, start weeding out the ideas which are clearly unworkable and you should be left with good starting set of ideas.