Choosing a Dating Profile Name

Your dating profile name is the other part of your profile which is almost always visible in the list view on the dating site. On some dating websites the only information that a woman has about you is your photo and your dating profile name.

Take care about the profile name that you choose. Think about how what your profile name says about you to the women who will be reading it.

“CuddlyBear70” is going to be interpreted by women as a couch potato, born in 1970, who is probably overweight.

“SexGod” is going to be interpreted by women as someone with a huge ego who thinks that they are good in bed, but are probably not.

“BaseballFan” is going to be interpreted by women as someone who is going to spend most of their free time watching sports.

“SingleDad” is clearly a solo man with a child who has (and wants) regular contact with their child.

The relevant questions are:

  • Is it going to attract the type of women that you want to meet?
  • Is it who you are?

If the answer is yes, then it is a great profile name. Stick with it. If it isn’t, then you need to think about changing it to something which will appeal to the women you are trying to attract.

It is normally quite easy to change the headline in your profile. It is however, often quite difficult to change your user name or profile name. Take a little time and think about what a couple of good user name would be before you sign up with a dating website. (You need to have 2 or 3 options, because your choice name may not be available…)

My advice would be to think carefully about what type of woman and relationship that you are looking for, or what your biggest attraction for women is before you choose your profile name. Ask a couple of women (friends or family) what associations that they have with the profile name. Make sure that their reactions are in line with your expectations before you finally decide on a profile name.