Crash Course in Flirting Part 2: Start a Conversation

In this second part of my crash course on flirting, you will start a short conversation with a woman that you don’t know.

So Many Opportunities to Start a Conversation!

In our daily lives we have lots of opportunities for a short interaction with somebody. We need to pay for something that we just bought. We are met at the reception desk to the local sports club, dentist surgery, etc. The situation is such that there is no time for a long conversation. The exchange is so short and direct that a robot could ask and answer the questions.

Use these opportunities to practice starting a conversation. Pick something about the woman who is right in front of you. Has she obviously taken a lot of care with her nails or her hair? Is your order excessively large or small? Is it especially busy or unusually quiet today? Mention the fact and use it to start a 1 minute conversation.

Pick the line with the prettiest assistant and talk to her
Pick the line with the prettiest assistant and start a conversation with her.

I used to pick the line at the supermarket checkout based on the prettiest woman working on the cash register. It was my theory that whichever line I picked was likely to be the longest one, so I might as well give up picking the fastest lane and use the opportunity to practise my flirting skills. And if I had no interest at all in the women serving at the counter, the perhaps I could find a queue with a a woman in it that I wanted to talk to and could stand next to. Then I would strike up a conversation with her instead. We all had time on our hands with nothing better to do than stand in a line waiting to be served. It is surprising how happy most people are to talk if given an opportunity and they have nothing better to do…

Note. The idea here is just to practice starting a conversation – not to ask for her telephone number!

Start a converstion: mini-conversations

If you are the kind of person who finds it difficult to speak to strangers, then these mini-conversations will be a huge help to you. With a little practise, you will be able to start a conversation easily without having to think about it. You will start to feel much more confident about talking to women in general.

In this case it is not so important whether or not you find the woman attractive. It is of course great if you do! The important thing here is to get in the habit of starting a short conversation with someone that you have never met before.

When you are with your date, you are likely to be a little nervous. If you have a lot of experience at starting a conversation with someone that you do not know, then you will be able to start a conversation easily. You will come across as being comfortable and confident – even if you aren’t!