Introduction to Flirting

This page is a short introduction to flirting. The next few pages will include a crash course in flirting without disaster to help you get comfortable in talking to women that you don’t know.

Introduction to flirting: What is Flirting?

A man and a woman flirting at the beachFlirting is a playful way of showing that you interested in someone else. Like almost any other skill, it is something that you learn and something that you will get better at the more often that you do it.

At first it can seem to be very daunting. Some guys just casually walk up to a woman that they don’t know and can start talking to them. People like me clam up and have a job getting two words out.

A friend of mine is probably the world’s biggest flirt. When he was in his early twenties, I personally saw him go over to three women sitting down cramped on a sofa in a nightclub. He sat down on top of two of them. Then he tried wiggling to make himself fit onto a sofa that simply wasn’t large enough to seat four. In doing so he spilt one woman’s drink over her and still continued to flirt with both of the women that he sat on. Half an hour later he was dancing and kissing one of them on the dance floor.

He succeeds because: he has an amazing amount of self confidence, genuinely cares about people, and is totally comfortable talking to people that he has never met before.

Introduction to flirting: A Crash Course in Flirting Without Disaster

I fail (or used to) on almost all the points listed above. There is no point trying to copy people like my friend right from the start. They have developed their flirting skills and people skills over a lifetime.

What we are going to do in this introduction to flirting is to provide a crash course in flirting without disaster.

To flirt effectively, you just need a simple set of skills and a little practice. If I can learn it, so can you!

Introduction to flirting: Why Is Flirting a Useful Skill?

But, you might ask yourself, “This website is about dating online, why do I need to learn how to flirt?”

Simple. At some point you will move from behind the screen and into a face to face meeting with the woman that you want to date. When you get that first date with the women that you have managed to attract, you want to feel comfortable talking to her. If you feel comfortable talking to her, she will feel more comfortable talking to you and the whole date will be off to a better start.

Besides. What happens if you just happen to meet a beautiful woman somewhere? Do you want to be able to flirt and talk to her? Or would you rather lose the opportunity because you haven’t read her profile yet…?

Learn to flirt a litte and have some fun!