The Simple Step-by-Step Process Behind Successful Dating – Explained

This website started because, several years ago, I had no idea how to date women. I was really bad at. Anyway, with a lot of reading and a lot of effort, I managed to become an ‘expert’ at dating. Yes, there are others who are ever more successful than I am, but most of them cannot share the ‘how‘ of their success. They just do it instictively.

Having achieved my goals, I found that I was being asked by others how to repeat my success. I helped coach a few people how to get the dates that they wanted with a very high rate of success. I found that I enjoyed sharing what I knew with others. It was then that I decided to create this website to share with other men, over 30, how I managed to go from a dating loser to a dating master and help them to achieve the same amazing results that I did.

The important message is that, once you understand how to make the dating process work for you, you can start dating successfully. That means you can have as many dates as you want with the women that you want.

My story can be found here.

The simple step-by-step process to successful dating can be found here.

Why is Dating Successfully Important?

Whether you want to find the love of your life or to have a one night stand, you will need to date someone first. How good you are at dating will be the deciding factor in how successful you are in either case.

If you are looking for the love of your life, then dating successfully means putting yourself into the driving seat and spending time with the type of women who you consider to be serious potentials for a long term relationship.

If you are looking for a short love affair, then dating successfully means taking charge of your life and regularly meeting and bedding the types of women that you would like to spend time with and go to bed with.